Ventress - AVN002

Whilst still working the Avian aesthetic: monochrome machine music with nods to Noise and Ambient, Ventress offers a lighter touch that eschews heads down linearity in favour of rich groove.

The mixes are hotter and gentle tape saturation across the top end lends the record a considered and contemplative feel. A1 pulses along across just over six minutes, letting a warping bass line do the driving while subtle verb decays and light white noise drum work provide the ambience. A2 offers an exercise in widescreen Drone science, beatless and phasing, the machines chatter deep in the mix. The B side features an excellent Basic Channel homage, and a less rigid recording that departs from the more traditional rhythmic posits of the dance floor material on the record up to this point.

A1: Untitled
A2: Untitled
B1: Untitled
B2: Untitled

Written & Produced by Ventress
Mastered by Matt Colton at Alchemy, London