MPIA3 - Ely

If some artists look to articulate the less attractive facets of the human experience via layers of noise, twisted vox and drum machine chatter - Tom Russell transmits his vision in the rawest, driest fashion possible. By reducing the elements in his work to the very bare essentials, Russell - back on Avian under his MPIA3 alias, takes a jack hammer to the listeners head and makes his intentions abundantly clear. The music demands attention, and in the same way as one might be drawn out of a morbid fascination to view the wreckage of a car crash, for all their violent qualities - it’s difficult to stop listening to Russell’s most recent work.

“Brutal? Unquestionably.” Nick Connellan, Resident Advisor 2012

A: Ely
B: Squatter's Dog

Written & Produced by MPIA3
Mastered by Matt Colton at Alchemy, London