A Vision Of Love - Lessons In Hate (Part One)

A close friend of the label debuts under an anonymous alias for Avian’s ninth outing, which explores underground Techno’s relationship with Industrial and S&M.

There’s more to A side Hate 2/6 than meets the listener on first play. While worn drums lead the recording, subtle sequences and long verb tails sit low in the mix, warping uncomfortably at a subterranean level. A furtive bleep joins the arrangement midway through, growing slowly more invasive as the track progresses, building the undeniable sense of unease that characterises the artist’s work. B side Black & Blue (For You) makes no secret of it’s subject matter - steely percussion drenched in reverb whips and clangs, while an aggressive off beat bass sequence sits pretty at the front of the mix, all distorted dark energy. 

“One for the dancers, industrial romancers” Boomkat 2013

A: Hate 2/6
B: Black & Blue (For You)

Written & Produced by A Vision Of Love
Mastered by Matt Colton at Alchemy, London