400PPM - Non Noncere

Shawn O’Sullivan makes his debut on Avian with a brace of aqueous dance floor polyrhythms, bookended by a pair of harsh, Noise excursions.
Known for his work on Anthony Parasole’s The Corner as Civil Duty alongside Beau Wanzer; as part of Minimal Synth outfit Led Er Est and as Vapauteen (L.I.E.S.), O’Sullivan provides Avian with, “its most individual noise/techno statement yet (Boomkat 2013).”
Opener Non Nocere is a gruelling noise workout. Operating almost exclusively in the mid to high frequency range, it pulses and warps over two and a half minutes before fading out as though exhausted by the tension it has by it’s own existence created. What follows is a collection of perfectly balanced dance floor tools. Gloriously rhythmic and carefully composed, it’s a masterclass in dynamic functionality. Closing piece Evitandus is perhaps the jewel in the crown here, though. It’s difficult to ascertain whether the rising wail around which the recording is based is born of man or machine, but regardless it’s deeply unnerving, animalistic stuff.

A1: Non Nocere
A2: Occupational Exposure
A3: Lean Manufacturing
B1: Piquette Plant
B2: Monoculture
B3: Evitandus

Written & Produced by Shawn O'Sullivan
Mastered by Matt Colton at Alchemy, London