A Vision Of Love - Lessons in Hate (Part Two)

British anti-Romantic A Vision of Love returns for Lessons In Hate, Part 2, a continuation of the seedy, industrial work featured previously on Part 1 of the series.

There’s something of the Modernist poet about A Vision of Love’s latest excursion, which pairs austere, mechanical sound design with arguably more organic track titles. Indeed, the music is deeply inhuman - sterile and automatic - and such a description of the “Modern Romance” would have certainly pleased Eliot et al. It’s unclear whether “July Version” is a reference to The July Days, a series of armed demonstrations by workers and soldiers in Russia in 1917 - or simply the start of Summer in the Northern Hemisphere (which again, would tie into conflicting notions of the organic and the mechanical that feature on the release). Either way there’s certainly an invitation for a deeper and more cerebral appreciation of the art on offer here.

A1: A Modern Romance
A2: Untitled
B1: An Education
B2: Untitled

Written & Produced by A Vision Of Love
Mastered by Matt Colton at Alchemy, London