Dual Action - Auto Body

Avian reissue Matthew Folden’s Auto Body, previously a cassette only release delivered via Hospital Productions in 2012.
Drenched in surface noise, rhythm tracks and ambient segues are drawn in and out of the mix at will, with varying degrees of distortion corrupting drum machine signals, vocal cuts and field recordings. In his own words, Folden suggests the experiments attempt to mix “the eerie atmospheric sound collage of crowded Chinatown streets with the deafening silence of a new apartment and the hard industrial beats of subways and freeways.” Indeed, there’s an uncanny sense of The Metropolis communicated via the recordings. The paranoia that comes with urban existence is drawn deep into the art at a base level, and seeps upwards out of the speaker like rainwater out of a backed up drain.

A1: Body Automatic
A2: Oil On Asphalt
B1: Suncoast 69
B2: Automotive Sex Club
B3: Body Complete

Dual Action is Matthew Folden
Originally released on Hospital Productions as a limited cassette edition of 42 copies
Produced by Dominik Fernow
Mastered by Matt Colton at Alchemy, London