Originally released via Ascetic House in 2015, Vereker’s Grace tape owes much to the canon of vintage anti-music, exploring catharsis via a transgression of traditional compositional & technical values. Working with the same thematic concerns of much of the more leftfield additions to the Avian catalogue - in it’s more subdued moments, anxiety & dissafection; in it’s more high energy - pure hysteria - the recording pairs basic synthesis with warped vocals in the same manner as Industrial progenitors Throbbing Gristle and Steven Stapleton (Nurse With Wound).
The reduced palette & crushed production aesthetic creates a powerful immediacy, with a twisted musicality being drawn - at times, kicking and screaming, out of the depths of the mix. Like much of Vereker’s best work on labels like LIES & Berceuse Heroique, elements warp & twist uncomfortably within the tight confines of a reduced dynamic spectrum - creating a dark, heady energy. 
Ascetic House, the predominantly cassette only label, has seen appearances from LA’s Silent Servant, Northern Electronics’ Varg & Avian’s own Shifted - under his Covered In Sand alias

A1: Untitled 1
A2: Untitled 2
B1: Untitled 3
B2: Untitled 4

Written & Produced by O.Vereker
Vocal samples on Untitled 1 taken from Peter Sotos "Buyer's Market"
Sleeve Art by Darja Bajagic
Originally cassette version released by Ascetic House
Mastered by Matt Colton at Alchemy, London.